Does blending cooked oats make the energy available more quickly?

Question in the title. I’m wondering if I make my oats into a smoothie will the energy be available more quickly? If so does that mean I won’t have to wait as long between breakfast and jumping on the turbo?

Should do, if you’re increasing the total surface area, high school chemistry says you increase the rate of reaction.

Whether it would be either noticeable (and save you more time than it does to set up the blender) or pleasant (I reckon the result would be very similar in consistency to wallpaper paste) remains to be seen!


I blend mine but don’t cook them.

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Raw here too.

Try overnight oats – mix with preferred liquid (kefir for me) evening before and blend in morning. With smoothies you can be creative, throw in whatever you like :slight_smile:

For faster releasing energy, add some dates, for example. My favorite is honey :stuck_out_tongue:

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Daily raw oats for me, blended up with fruit and veg the night before and in the morning they taste great. I can adjust the amount of energy depending on that days workout

Yep - as noted increasing the surface area will increase the speed in which the enzymes can digest the oats and make the nutrients available. Seems a bit counter productive though… I have porridge every morning because it supplies energy slowly and will last me until lunch or a long ride. If you want a quicker energy release just go for a normal sports energy drink supplying sugars - H5, Gatorade, SIS whatever your poison is…that said as noted above I’m not sure you would notice much of a difference anyhow.