Does AT Work on Moved Weeks?

Hey team - does anyone know whether AT still function on scheduled workouts when you have used the “move week” function on the calendar?


I don’t think the ‘move week’ function exists anymore; the way to move things in the calendar is to add an ‘Annotation’ and AT adapts around that. Its not a complete shift and if you’re injured it keeps your originally scheduled workouts for the following week. I think the rationale is that it then adapts the plan how you react to those workouts, but it would be nice if in that instance you are eased back in :neutral_face:

Edit: See Chad’s response below, they’ve brought ‘move week’ back, there was a massive outcry on the forum about it.

Edit, Edit See Chad’s latest response, I was confusing Push/Pull week with Move Week :joy:

@HLaB, Move Week and Copy Week functions still exist on the web interface (also on PC from my later check), when you hit the […] button at the end of the week.


PC App:

I don’t know if the AT connection is maintained, so it’s possibly best for the OP to contact TR support directly. If I had to guess, I think Move might keep attachment, but I doubt Copy will keep attached.

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  • Following up again, because this is also a bit off the mark.

  • The outcry is related to the removal of Push Week & Pull Week functions. These are notably different from Move Week (that was never removed AFAIK), because the Push/Pull affected the entire training plan on the calendar.

  • It was a function used prior to the advent of Adaptive Training. Once TR introduced AT (or shortly after), they removed the Push/Pull functions and that is the set of functions still missed by many users. As of today, Push/Pull are still missing and from what I gather, TR doesn’t plan to reintroduce them despite the interest.

Thanks, as you can probably tell I thought they were the same thing and hadn’t used either :+1:

Yep, as @mcneese.chad says, “Move week” will still keep the Workouts “attached” to the Plan, and thus be included in, and prompt adaptations.
On the other hand, “Copy week” will not.


Thanks for the update Sarah!

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