Does AT Train Now work towards a calendar target without having a plan in place?

Hi, I am enjoying AT but find it difficult to stick to a plan at the minute due to work commitments and having 3 young children. I often have to train when I get a spare 45 mins/hr and prefer to do this rather than regularly skip planned workouts. My question is, if I put a race target in my calendar and only use Train Now, will AT ‘work’ towards it without having a plan in place?

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Nope, AT only works with Plan Builder or manually added plans.

TrainNow lacks any target or progression over time.

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Wow, that was quick!

Suppose I’ll have to add a plan and try to fit the workouts in when I can.

Thanks again for the quick response.

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The hard bottom line is…the more minutes/time on the bike you can get in, the better you will become on it… despite all of the nuances of training zones/methods.

IMO if you have less than 4hrs a week free, stick to endurance rides… so that you are a “good to go” to heavier stuff when you (hopefully) get a bit more free time… and you’ll be burning cals.

Well done having 3 kids and managing any bike time at all! :grinning:

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I would argue the opposite. If you are only doing 2/3 workouts a week, do the intervals. Train Now is great for that


Reading again… I think he’s asking if AT works with Train Now… not what i seen on first read :rofl:

Thanks guys, appreciate the responses. Yeah was wondering if train now works with AT if I add a target race into the calendar. I assumed it didn’t tbh as I put our CX nationals into the calendar (This weekend - I’m in Ireland) a few weeks ago but it only seemed to be recommending endurance rides, which aren’t particularly useful for CX. I’ve been switching them out obviously. Have a few spring road race A and B goals that I was going to try it with but probably best using plan builder then based on what you’ve said.

Go raibh maith agat!