Does AT respond to turning up intensity?

I’ve manually turned up my last couple of sweet spot workouts done in my AT plan by 2-5%. I recently switched from a fluid trainer to a ‘smart’ trainer and I’ve been training in erg mode. When I would hold power above the target on my fluid trainer, AT would mark these workouts as having a higher progression level than the target and adjust future workouts accordingly. But when training in erg mode and manually turning up the intensity, TR still marks a sweetspot 4.5 workout as sweetspot 4.5. This doesn’t seem right. Should I just find a higher progression workout instead of manually adjusting?

Here is the related support article:

  • For clarity, this happens regardless of the trainer mode. As to the “right” aspect, see the article.
  • Yes, if you really anticipate you are willing & able to do a harder workout, using the Alternates function is the best option.

Thanks for linking the support article - maybe the adjustments I made are just within the rate of progress expected for the plan so they didn’t trigger any future adaptations and that’s why I wound up surprised by the result.

In short, if you are aiming to have more PL bump at the conclusion of a workout, altering Workout Intensity or riding over target are the wrong “solutions”. TR does not fine tune those PL results in the end.

So doing an Alternate is still preferred if you are wanting higher PL at the end, when compared to the assigned workout.