Adaptive Training and workout adjustments

I’ve been using adaptive training for the past couple weeks and am really enjoying it. My biggest questions is in regards to adjusting workout intensity. For the sake of the AI, does it take into account workout intensity adjustments or would it be better to complete the standard workout and say it was easy in the survey?

AT is watching for Workout Intensity changes. I don’t know specifics, but changes beyond some level will lead towards SuperPass (WI +) or Struggle (WI -) results on the workout, as compared to the prescribed power targets.

Not sure on your question about just completing a workout as planned with an “easier” rating vs kicking it up and having a “harder” rating. I have used the WI adjustment to kick up workouts and gained SuperPass as a result. No idea if that is better or worse than having followed the defined workout.

Some probably depends on how much you think the planned workout differs from your actual ability. Per my SuperPass experience, I expect to choose a related workout that is easier or harder than the planned one, especially if I know the planned one is notably over/under my expected ability. My experience seemed to indicate that it may be better to use the WI adjustment minimally in most cases, but that is far from concrete in knowing what to recommend for others.