Does anyone use a prowler sled?

Hey. I’ve been lifting weights 2-3 times per week since starting SSB I 6 weeks ago, and find it really good fun. I don’t know if it has helped my cycling performance any but I definitely feel like it’s benefiting me elsewhere.

My gym recently got a prowler sled in, and it seems as though it would be great for training explosive power (I’m thinking launching attacks mainly). It’s definitely a great cardio workout, but my question was does anyone use one in their training, and how do you slot it in to your programming?

i don’t have a prowler in my home gym because its impractical due to size, but i do have the dog sled (sled with harness to be pulled) which i scored off kijiji. EDIT: Just checked Rogue website they NOW call it the “Fatboy Sled”.
Prowler is easier to use for explosive stuff, because you can push a solid piece you can load really heavy and practice 10-15 hard and fast steps to get it moving. You can do the same with a dog sled but its uncomfortable due to the harness.
Both are good for loading with a good amount of weight and just get it moving and keep it moving for 60-90s. I’ll throw 4x45#plates on there and walk the length of the alley dragging the thing behind me if i want to feel the burn.

Is it cycling specific? No. It’s not even all that practical of a workout TBH. And it’s loud AF as anything dragging over payment would be. Neighbors love me.

We use the Rogue Butcher sled for off the bike strength and power work and find it effective. We do however also use a smaller sled, the name and brand of which escapes me at the moment, to do on the bike work pulling the sled WITH the bike. We usually do these for acceleration power and sprint start power. Also has been effective. The facility we train in is very accommodating and we typically will combine the sled pulls or pushes with a workout on the bike and the trainer replicating similar stimulus.