Feature Request - record RPE on all rides, with option to override calculated TSS

Two parts to this idea:

  1. I know you can type RPE to the notes field but how about formalising the data with a 1-10 drop down box, like the option on rides where you have not used a power meter.

  2. On the drop down 1-10 mentioned above, have the optional tick box to use the subsequent estimated TSS instead of that calculated from your power meter. This would be useful where a power meter has not been calibrated correctly, suffered drop outs or run out of battery. I have a small number of rides in my calendar where the TSS is wildly inaccurate because of this.

+1 for this. My PM died on my ride today and only 89 TSS was recorded. It should be up to twice that and I can’t correct it in TR, but I can in TrainingPeaks.

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Do you think that the ability to just edit TSS would mitigate this need for an ‘RPE based calculation’ of TSS? Or you’d want the option to do both because not everyone necessarily has the wherewithal to figure out their TSS based upon RPE?

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Yes that would be a simpler solution. Just something to override the data when your tech fails.

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