Does anyone have a Garmin 820 with a screen that did not turn blue around the edges?

Title says it all. My third was just returned with the replacement in the mail. I’m happy with Garmin continuously sending me new 820s, wondering if this will ever end.

I’ve had my 820 for about 18 months now. Lots of heavy use and no issues whatsoever. It’s been absolutely perfect.
It seems like the quality control on the manufacture of the units is all over the place. Mine may be perfect, but I’ve got friends who have the 820 who have just had loads of issues - especially around screen touch sensitivity and response. When it works like mine it is an amazing unit, but it’s really poor that it’s such a lottery as to whether you get a good unit or a bad one. Really shouldn’t happen with a top level manufacturer

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Now that you mention it I think mine might have it but it hasn’t bothered me. The screen and UI are ugly anyway and I can read all the data. :slight_smile:

On my last one the blue crept in far enough that I could not see all the numbers.

I have no blue. The battery drains 70% in 4 hours in battery saving mode though, so it’s pretty useless for long rides!

@grayham You might consider doing a firmware update and/or a factory reset.

Also have a look at the GPS mode you are using. The more modes you use at once for better accuracy the more chips are active and drawing power.

As to original question… my screen is fine so far.

@brenph thanks - I’ve tried all of those things though. Last ride was GPS only, minimal sensors connected (power meter, speed sensor and HR), no navigation, backlight off. Still similar battery life. Garmin customer services think it might be duff firmware - next version should have some improvements, but just to battery level reporting, not power use. I haven’t actually used mine that much, so I’d be surprised if the actual battery is duff, much more likely to be software related (either draining or misreporting) I think…

I’m planning on doing a bunch of centuries in new places over the summer so I’d like to be able to actually use it (and it would be tricky to plug in a power pack on my mount, which is specific to my bars).

I’m a bit loathe to throw more money at Garmin in return for messing up my device with dodgy firmware, but I really like the radar so might end up just getting a 1030…

Weird. I have every possible sensor you could imagine (err… not the tyre pressure ones… Im not THAT rich) connected and the battery is good for my 3 regular rides each week giving me 7 hours comfortably and still 30% or so left. Also would have live track running and phone notifications.

Yeah, I even disabled bluetooth for my last ride. There’s something not right!

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Regarding battery life, I think there’s something wonky about the most recent firmware version.

Last year I managed to eke the battery life out to over 12 hours on a couple of loooong rides, both recording HR & power data and periods of turn-by-turn navigation.

This year it’s blasting through the battery in no time, only lasting 5-6 hours at most. Still trying to figure it out but might have to rollback the firmware to v9.0 that it was using then.

I agree that it’s probably the firmware. Garmin customer support seem to think so too, but aren’t totally sure and don’t currently have an ETA on a fix. I’m getting a bit grumpy with them now - it’s not cool to bugger up my device and then more or less shrug their shoulders!

Is rolling back to old versions easy to do?

No idea, I see it mentioned on the forums fairly regularly, so it can be done to a certain degree. I think it will depend on whether there have been any other updates to the GPS chipset, display drivers etc etc that may or may not be compatible with the older firmware.

I’ll post a thread on there if I reach the end of my tether and start seriously considering it!

I’m dealing with a different CS agent from Garmin (UK) now. This one says that it’s out of warranty, and since they have no other reports of this issue they are essentially treating it as an out of warranty issue. This directly contradicts the detailed description that the agent gave me about previous reports and there being an open case on the issue on their systems.

In UK consumer law, the Garmin warranty is over and above the statutory rights in law, which essentially lay out that a product should last a reasonable time, and if it doesn’t then it should be repaired, replaced, or refunded. Here, I am happy for them to do any of those, if it renders my currently not-operationally-fit-for-purpose device once again usable. They are now saying though, that my only option is to pay them some money for a replacement device (which might well suffer from the same issue).

I am pursuing further, because on the face of it their current stance is not only really bad customer service, it is perhaps illegal, and I will take them to a small claims court if necessary!