Garmin 830 or 530?

I currently have 820 and I want to upgrade but not sure to 830 or 530.

My bad experiance with 820 and touch screen tells me to go to 530 but I’m also not sure if I want go give up touch screen…

Did someone made that upgrade and has some suggestions?

I think many people had some bad experiences with the 820 touch screen - especially when wet.

However, I’ve seen nothing but positive reports of the screen with the 830.

I made the choice shortly after the 530/830 was launched (my 520Plus was underpowered for navigation onl long rides), and went the 530 because of the negative experiences with the 820 touchscreen. In hindsight, I wish I had gone the 830.

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I’ve got the 530 and its a great value, but wish I had the 830 based on a lot of reports on the forum.

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I had a 530 after the Bolt 1 and went for it because of the buttons. However I found the buttons and the menu navigation to be a bit clunky. I swapped it for an 830 and I was very pleased with it.

My only gripe with the 830 is that I find it difficult to swipe when it is raining. I try to avoid rain so it isn’t a big issue though.

830 is miles ahead of the 820 and 810, the firmware in the last 2 years has been rock solid too, no issues with it at all.

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In my circles, the 830 isn’t very popular, the decision has always been between the 530 and the 1030. Some people went with the 530 precisely because it has buttons and not a touch screen.


I went from an edge 1000 to the 830 and I’m completely satisfied - no issues at all.

I would say that any touchscreen issues that hindered the 820 are not present on the 830 so I wouldn’t worry there.

However, you really do get everything except the touchscreen from the 830 on the 530 so if think you can go without then the 530 is obviously better value.

I wouldn’t go for the old 1030, I if you want the bigger screen then plump for the 1030 plus as it has the same processor performance as the 530 and 830.


Worth noting the Edge 530 is now ~ 2 years old, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a 530+/ 540 in the near future. (Global chip shortages and supply chain issues notwithstanding).

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Counterpoint - Wahoo ROAM.

You can thank me later. :sunglasses:

I would avoid the 830 because touch screens on bike computers are just a dumb idea. So if you want to stick with Garmin, I’d say 530.

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I had one of the first 530s and it had the early manufacturing button problem. I returned it for a refund and got the 830. If you can afford the upgrade then I highly recommend it - way easier to navigate the screens and menus with a touchscreen.

Swiping does get a little finicky in the rain but you can almost always tap the side of the screen to switch pages. If it’s raining that means the roads are wet, and that means you shouldn’t be messing with your head unit too much unless stopped anyway. :slight_smile:

Is there going to be a Roam v2 soon?

No idea…but it would seem possible given the Bolt v2 just came out….

I had a 510 with touchscreen and then bought a 530. It drove me crazy for about 2-3 weeks because I had been used to the touchscreen.

The button layout is evidently the same as on Garmin watches so some people take to the buttons quickly.

I’ve got a 530 and have no complaints other than text size if I have a lot of fields set up on a screen, but that’s probably down to my eyes.

A little bit of a faff to set up the screens using the buttons but once it’s set up it’s good to go.

I have an 830, I am pretty damn happy with it. I wanted a 1000 series, but couldn’t justify the price so I compromised and I am happy with the decision. COmpared to the buttons on the 520+, the 830 is WAY better.

I have an 830 and a 1030. For me, both touch screens are frustrating (don’t always respond when you want to swipe, then jump to some crazy screen you don’t want when you barely touch it). Of the two, I prefer the larger 1030 screen, as it’s much easier for 54 year old eyes to see when bouncing on gravel roads. Overall, I think I’m done buying Garmin products

Another who got a 530 and regrets not getting the 830…But really I regret not getting a Wahoo or even Hammerhead on those frustrating Garmin issue days.

All tech can be annoying, and I’ve never lost a ride on the 520 or 530. Having played with the Bolt and Roam, they are nice but missing features I use on every ride. Both Stages and Hammerhead look better to me than Wahoo. If I had to replace mine I’d do a bakeoff of those vs an 830.

What features are you missing in wahoo?

DCRainmaker’s review in progress on the Bolt v2 had this to say in the conclusion:

I’m not convinced this is a model that’s going to take away any significant sales from the Garmin Edge 530 (at $299), given that it’s got a cruise ship full of added features Wahoo doesn’t have"

I’ve posted pics and comments on the forum ad nauseam, so I’ll simply say there is a small flotilla of features that I use and won’t give up. The 530 is fast and stable, my workouts are waiting for me when I turn it on, and I’m not losing rides or any data :man_shrugging: