Anyone experience degradation with Garmin 830's touchscreen?

I’ve had my Garmin 830 since July 2019. It’s well used and has been through -10C winter ride, torrential downpours (including 5hrs of hard rain during a 130k gravel event), suffered with me in 35C rides, etc. Normal use. However, over the last several weeks, in cool and warm, dry and wet rides, with gloves and without, it has become a roll of the dice whether the screen will respond to my swipe or touch. I’ve considered that I may be dead and my fingertips lack the necessary touch, but I’d think the gloves would alleviate that need (though most of my use of late has been without gloves).

It does seem like there may be a dead-ish, or weak, zone on the screen that roughly corresponds to what appears to be an especially worn patch that’s visible when the screen is wet.

That all said, I haven’t tracked a consistent trigger or situation that it is expected to fail other than it seems to be far more likely to happen in conditions that are not “average” temperature and dry. And yet, when it is raining or I’m sweating a lot, I need to lock the screen to prevent raindrops or sweat drops from changing the screen (I’ve had the situation where sweat has canceled my routing).

Has anyone else experienced this or similar touchscreen degradation? Is this a special 2yr feature?

I’ve had mine since May '19 and have not seen any change since it was new. But I don’t touch the screen very much since I use the buttons on my Di2 shifters to move between pages when I’m on my rides. Temps have been between 5-37° C but I don’t ride in the rain although I spray the screen with water and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth after every use to get rid of any fingerprints and sweat.

You could try to call Garmin and see what they say. I have Dual HRM that one of the electrode pads on the strap was starting to delaminate so I called them 2 weeks ago. Of course it was 1 week out of warranty when I called but they sent me a new strap, no questions asked, and it arrived 2 days after my call.


Mine acts up when the temps are below freezing. Of course, when it’s raining it is hit or miss as well. Other than that, it’s fine.

To start, I’ve had great experience with Garmin support. I had a Fenix 5 that went haywire days before an Ironman and they sent me the replacement the day we talked on the phone before I had the chance to send them the dead unit. (I don’t know if the fact their office and I were/are both in Switzerland had an impact here.) I figure if I reach out to them this I’ll get good support.

That said, it sounds like the unit is acting awkward. It worked fine today in 35C.

I’ve done the microfiber wipe down thinking a film was on there… on a ride, I’ll rub off the screen, which generally doesn’t help.