Out of the frying pan into the fire!

Firstly I will preface this post as a “First World Problem”. I recently received an email advertising the Garmin Edge 830, sure enough I followed the link and after playing out the scenarios in my head why I don’t need this I accidentally pressed the checkout button and submitted.

I am a current Elemnt Bolt user and it has been rock solid for what it does and I have been very happy with it, however with the release of the new Edge 830 the issues of the past when I left the Edge 520 for the Bolt had disappeared from my memory and the attraction of new features shone brightly.

One of the disappointments with wahoo/bolt has been the lack of development particular around integrations both new and the depth they go to with an integration. eg Di2 integration no battery level field. No Ant+lights etc.

When the 830 arrived the Garmin setup experience came flooding back to me, although I have to say it is much better with the touch screen. Adding all the sensors I was met with an alert that my Wahoo Speed Sensor had a low battery charge (Wahoo could not even tell me this which confirms my disappointment in Wahoo’s ongoing development). Once setup the new 830 appears to be a nice unit and I was off for my first ride. As expected the Garmin was solid on its performance and on ending the ride I made some adjustments to my data screens to add a few missing bits of information.

Admiring some of the new features from the unit like hydration and Vo2, Training etc I turned the unit off and it locked up and I had to lookup how to reset the unit…maybe I need a Garmhoo unit!!

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Oh man, locked up. My Garmin 1000 locked up when loading a course before a race😡

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