2022 Checkpoint power meter?

Has anyone got their hands on a 2022 Checkpoint and installed a power meter?
Normally I would install a left side only/crank arm meter, but my previous checkpoint (2020 sl5) would not fit any of the available options.


I think the new 4iiii is a bit smaller in width. Precision 3 believe it’s called.
Or go pedal based.

What build do you have? This will save misc component costs.

SL5 build.

GRX build?
Can you determine how much clearance there is between the chainstay and crankarm? Maybe use allen/hex keys

SRAM RIval Dub (Need chainrings and BB) - $385 + rings and BB.

I can’t even find a shop to take my order , but was planning on using power2max

When I bought my 2021 SL5/carbon, I had to change the cranks from GRX6 to GRX8 so I could then buy a 4iiii factory install for the right side. There did not appear to be a solution for the GRX6 that came with the bike. There was a solution from Trek for the aluminum frame, but not the carbon.

I just happened to walk in a few hours after a shipment arrived. They had exactly 1 in my size and out came the wallet.

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I have favero assiomas

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I have a 2021 and had to go with Garmin rally xc100.

This is the option I am leaning toward. Most of the actual gravel roads around here are chunky, often steep, lots of rough terrain…etc and a mountain shoe would be the better option, IMO.

I’m confused…

Do you have a 2022 checkpoint already?

The question is, will a crank power meter fit?

I went with Rally pedals due to similar chainstay clearance issues on my 2019 checkpoint (alternative would have been to go with the power2max with new crankset), and it has been great so far-easy to swap the spindles between the xc and spd-sl pedal bodies when switching from riding gravel through the winter to road in the spring/summer

I have one still in a box at the shop, not yet assembled, already paid for. I expect I will take deliver of it within a week.

I previously had a 2020 checkpoint that would not fit any of the available let side power meters at that time.

I do not yet have pedals for the new bike, so I am leaning toward the Garmin Rally xc100 pedals. Right now there is a $50 rebate. Plus I can swap them to other bikes if needed.

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I put a AXS quarq on there. No worries.

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Too late now… bu the GRX810 crankarm would have fit fine on the GRX600 crank. They are interchangeable. They use the same everything. The only difference is that the GRX810’s arm is like a hollow tube vs the GRX 600’s arm has the extra material on the back of the arm scooped out.
You can put most Shimano crankarms on most shimano cranksets without worry. The biggest differences are 1) the MTB bike cranks has a longer spindle. 2) the MTB crankarm zig out a lot; grx arms a little, and road arms not so much.

4iiiiiiiii says they can’t put a GRX600 arm on that crank, but they CAN put a GRX810 on the 600… the paint won’t match though. You can’t send in a GRX600 arm and get your arm back with a 4iiiiiiii installed.

I have a 2022 trek checkpoint and use assioma pedals. They be been perfect so far

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Power2max is solid…just works. Plus, you don’t have issues with strain gauges having clearance problems.

Here is what I did with my 2020 Checkpoint that had Similar issues. I swapped out the crank for a Quarq power meter. It wasn’t that much more than getting a left side only one.

Hi all,

New member here. Joined after researching power meters for my checkpoint. Found inconclusive and conflicting info with respect to the 4iiii but decided to bite the bullet (after being advised by 4iii thst it would’ve fit!) knowing I could return it. Considered the power2max, but they are more than twice the price.

Happy to confirm the 4iiii gen 3 fits!

2023 trek checkpoint SL5
Frame: 54cm
Crank arm: 172.5mm

Further, I can confirm that the grx 810 arm fits on the 600 crank (but i grabbed a 810 crank anyway as it was cheap and the colour difference between the two would have triggered my ocd).

Hope this helps.