Do the timings of the Tri programmes include swim and run?

Just looking at the Tri programs, I am guessing the timings shown below exclude any run and swim hours? Is there a way to see how much time is allocated/planned for run and swim?

Example below is Olympic:

  • Low Volume (2.3 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (3.7 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume (5.7 Hrs/Wk)

So the plan description (see screenshot below) gives a general overview. To see a week by week breakdown you can add the plan and it will show the total time for each week in the calendar.

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I’m not currently a TR user so cannot add anything to the plan :slight_smile:

Hence asking for the clarification!

Here’s a snapshot of Week 2 of the Olympic Tri Base plan, hopefully this helps give you an idea of the time commitment for the run/swim workouts!


@larry , that is really helpful, thank you so much! Which volume plan is that from please?

That’s the Low Volume Plan :slight_smile:

Thanks @Bryce, so low volume is stated as 2.3 hrs/week from what I can see on the TR website, so that just refers to the bike right? If I read the description posted above by @Scheherazade it’s around 5 hours a week total?

Sorry for being pedantic, this other thread of mine will explain why it’s important at this moment!

From logging out and taking a look, yes, on the tri plans the hours shown on that overview page refer only to average cycling hours/week. A lot of the workouts in the library also have +/- versions with slightly higher/lower intensities depending on how they’ve been modified.

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Sorry for not being more clear, yes you’re absolutely right. 2.3 hours is the cylcing time only.