Do short custom workouts sync to Strava?

I have a custom workout (via Workout Creator) set up so that I can run the 10 minutes that my Elite Suito-T trainer needs to warmup before being calibrated. It steps up in 5% increments from 45% to 65% - a step every two minutes.
I’ve noticed that every time I use this workout, it never syncs to Strava, and I’m not sure why. Other workouts that I complete sync perfectly, even on the same day, whether they are scheduled or unscheduled, whether they are TR-created or custom.
So this isn’t a generic problem with my account or the API, it seems specific to this workout or workout duration.
Is there a minimum duration or minimum TSS before a TR-executed workout syncs to Strava?
I’m trying to get these into my Apple Health(kit) records for completeness.

I’ve noticed this works in reverse - I have plenty of 5-minute and 10-minute commute rides that I record in Apple Health/Strava; those sync to TR perfectly!

Thanks in advance!