Do rocker plates make your butt hurt less on a trainer

I have been following the rocker plate thread on the forum and have seen many good ideas as how to build one, however I have not seen an answer to my main question, do they make a trainer ride any more comfortable? After about an hour or so my butt gets very tender and I’m trying to find ways to alleviate this and I’m not sure if rocker plates are part of the answer.

Motion helped me a little bit I was still getting numb. I believe it really comes down to learning to move and/or stand every 5 or 10 or X minutes.

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I wrote a long review of the Lifeline rocker plate in that thread a few weeks back and addressed this. Short answer for me: yes


Short answer… Yes.

Also make sure you have a good saddle and shorts. Maybe explore a full cutout saddle if you havent already.

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For me, no. It also caused saddle sores with all the back and forth.

I found greater comfort in the specialized power mirror saddle. It’s not a panacea but it’s way more comfortable for me.


I actually prefer as stable of a platform as possible. More motion = more potential for chafing and saddle sores for me. But I stand up pretty regularly for a few pedal strokes.

I tried a bunch of different saddles and the Ergons have been good to me, but it all just depends on your personal layout down there.

You can usually find the cheap steel versions of saddles on eBay and it’s worth picking up a few styles to see what jives. You may be surprised at what works best for you.


Do you still use the power mirror saddle?

I used to have my trainer on two playground tiles that have a little give, I built a rocker plate and haven’t really noticed a huge improvement in comfort but my partner really likes it. I need to be better with standing more often, I don’t have any problems outdoors on really long rides.

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Yes. I bought two more :money_with_wings:.

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