Softer insoles for Gravel shoes

After about 100miles in my sworks I get bad hot spots. Anyone know of a softer insole then the specialized offering?

Hey @ABG :slight_smile:

When you say After about 100miles in my sworks do you mean in one ride or overall after that many miles?

Are the insoles new and with the correct arch?

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It happens on my torch road shoes, my sworks road shoes and sworks mtb shoes

Insoles are new and same in all shoes

Yeah, it may just be that you need to break them in. Whenever I get new ones I get hot spots too.

Did you get the correct arch size?

Yeah I got the correct ones. I have had one set for 6 months and some for 18 months. Same issue, balls of my feet have blisters under them

Awe that sucks… I would give the custom ones a try then

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You might just need different insoles.

I just bought some Shimano road shoes. Something about the Shimano insole rubbed the ball of my foot the wrong way and I’d have a hot spot after just 20 minutes. I switched to Sole brand insoles which I have used before, and the hot spot disappeared. I got the Sole thin so they didn’t have more padding than the Shimano.

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If you are getting blisters, your feet may be moving inside of the shoes. Are your feet extremely narrow?

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yea, when I did a test fit for the lakes I would be there narrowest they offer. I have only worn specialized for the last 15 years.

After 80 miles I always end up with considerable amount of footpain, regardless of road or mtb shoes

It’s not the soles or the insoles per se. You need shoes that fit your foot shape. They should hold your feet tight enough that you needn’t overtighten, and your feet should not move within the shoe. It sounds like you have very narrow feet. I’d suggest custom. I am a big Lamson fan. ROAD SHOES. I’ve know Don Lamson for over 30 years. He makes great stuff, and it will fit.


Gotcha, never thought about it that way.

I would loosen the shoe with no relief and then tighten, no happy spot.

I switched from Specialized Torch 3s with BG insoles to Lakes with G8 insoles a couple years ago because I was getting hotspots after a couple h. Problem solved and was kinda life changing. I commiserate and good luck!

No way to know what will work until you go out on a long ride. I’d think a good place to start would be the shoes you have with G8s. Backcountry was great about letting me try various shoes.

I talked with my fitter and we are considering lakes. Already measured my feet to make the swap

If your feet are that narrow, you should have Don Lamson make you shoes and insoles.

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Thanks, but my problem is solved. I needed to go wider. I tried on a few wide shoes and ended up with Lake CX242s.

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Maybe try Sidi shoes too? That is one brand I have never been able to get to fit my feet. I even tried their ‘wide’ shoes, and still had to go over sized to get the width. Like they looked rather comical to me, so long…

And maybe try SmartWool socks! They are not hot, but are soft and really help my feet feel great. I think they use Merino wool which is really soft. I hated wearing dress shoes, and Smartwool socks are THE sock for that bar none.

Oh, one thing occurred to me, check the pedal axle relationship to the foot. I’ve had to adjust that on newer shoes on occasion. That can create ‘hot spots’, and other pressure issues. Spindle placement can also exacerbate or cause knee pain too.

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