Shoes Fit Great Until They Didn’t? (Toe Bruising, Advice Needed!)

I have been riding in a pair of Lake CX241 shoes (size 44) for about a year and have had no issues up until about a month ago.

Over the past month, I’ve noticed my toes feel bunched up and are getting more irritated and bruised after rides.

This has been going on for 3-4 weeks, and has not gotten any better.

Any guesses what’s happening here? I’m confused that I could go from great-fitting shoes to not-so-great fitting shoes in the same 12-month period.

Any educated guesses or advice would be appreciated!

Diet, seasonal changes might be making your feet bigger. Go to a shoe store and use that little size thing!

Last though - replace the insoles? If they are broken down your feet could be slipping more than in the past.

Fair points. It is dead of winter here (mostly doing indoor training), diet has been roughly the same. I may go back to the shop to have my feet re-measured and looked at. Will also look at insoles.

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Could be COVID toes. Chilblain-like symptoms that increased in prevalence when COVID hit. I’ve had these symptoms multiple times since COVID (but have never tested positive for COVID).

I currently have these symptoms, and when I was riding today, I noted a similar sensation to what you describe above.

Are you wearing thicker socks?

I’m having the same issues. I’ve swapped shoes and insoles with little help. I used to like any shoe now all my shoes have one issue or another.

I’m still wearing my Lake 241 but use a very thin sock and keep the bottom dial loose. Also, after tightening the upper dial I tap my heal to ensure my foot is furthest back then turn the dial again. Seems to help.

That’s interesting, I may try my thinner socks and I’ve actually done the opposite (tightened boa closest to ankle and left toes loose).

Opposite might actually make sense if it traps the toes from rubbing up against the top of the shoes?

I’m general it just feels like there’s not nearly enough space up there (just weird given it wasn’t a concern for so long)!

I wear mostly relatively thin socks but may try these balegas I used to wear for Running in the summertime

This happened to me, i did my first 100 mile race, found my two big toes were bruised and ultimately lost the nails. Has not happened before and I figured it was a lot of time out of the saddle and harder efforts for longer periods. On longer ride, I now tape my big toes and it has been fine !

I have shoe stretchers like these when I online purchased shoes that were a bit tight. I have to periodically re-do them as they do change with temp, humidity, especially after a wet race!