Do Greens Powders Make You Faster?

There was a rider in group rides that was pushing people to buy one. Sounds far too much like Amway, which is another bizarre legal mess. The only legal pyramid scheme in America. (At the time) People openly groaned whenever he started on his spiel.


FYI: They think they know where the contaminated cinnamon came from, if this is what you are referring to - We may now know who’s behind the lead-tainted cinnamon in toddler fruit pouches | Ars Technica

It was perfect timing seeing my kids have been seeing the ads and asking for AG1. I mean why eat vegetables if you can drink them? We all watch together. Good production value and saved me a ton of money.

Like you pointed out the dosage of each ingredient is not enough to do anything besides take your money.

But to be fair, Ag1 doesn’t claim any performance enhancing benefits. It’s supposedly support for a healthy life and anti aging. Depends on which ad you get.

If your favorite influencer is pushing AG1 question their diet.

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It’s pretty shocking with the ads if you actively look for them while watching tv.

I don’t envy doctors having to deal with patients asking for specific drugs just because they see them on tv or just having conversations with patients about their weight and eating habits which many people don’t want to have those conversations

I often think about the endless pill commercials and how quickly it took over. My grandparents would have had a heart attack if a commercial came on at 5pm talking about erections.

Not if they were taking the right pills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Agreed it is complex, but Zoe reports advice to create and maintain a healthy gut biome based on scientific research. They report what is currently known, with an understanding that there is more to come.

I’ve listened to quite a few different podcasts on the subject of gut biome and the message is that eating the actual food is the best option, rather than the supplement.

Herbs and spices are considered to be helpful to the gut and using a range of them supports diversity. I have struggled to figure out what to use in what dish. I’ve recently bought a curry spice and recipe box set from The Spicery. It comes in a great box set, perfect for a gift, the recipes are easy and the spice blends take all the guess work out of it.
They haven’t been through rigorous testing, but they taste better than the underside of a lawn mower :rofl:

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How understaffed the FDA is should be criminal. I work in a regulated industry, we’re supposed to be inspected every two years. We’re on year four…


Inspections can be expensive for the inspected parties. I heard that the meat packing companies are responsible for ‘inspecting’ their own meats. (Like I said before about Boeing being responsible for inspecting their own planes and look how well that worked out) If that doesn’t make one want to be vegetarian/vegan, nothing likely will. I don’t know of Europe is accepting American beef after that prion crisis years ago. Yuck… :man_facepalming:t2:

I would bet conditions are far worse than I imagine.

Hearing how awful conditions were at meat packing plants especially at start of Covid was shocking even though it probably shouldn’t have been a shock to me

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And wow, was he SKINNY!! Wow… (What drugs was he on?) I’m stunned still watching ‘old TV shows’, and everyone is so skinny/trim/fit. We are so doomed…

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