DMT shoe sizing

Can anyone comment on DMT shoe sizing for me? I wear a US 10.5 and a Specialized 44.

DMT’s website says a 43 is right for me but all the webstore sizing charts list either a 44 or even 44.5


I have a pair of DMT shoes and yes they run a little large…I’m 10.5 US…I cant remember what size I got but they were like a 1/4 size too big…I will check later today when I get home.

Awesome. Thanks

Well my info probably wont help you much. I’m 10.5 US and wear 45 in just about every pair of EUR sized shoes I’ve had (my left foot is like 10.75) I bought a 45 in DMT and like I said they felt a 1/4 size bigger, it seemed like it was all in the toe.

I agree, they definitely run a little large, I wear a 44 s works and 44 dmt r1 and the r1 is about a quarter size bigger…