DIY Carb Mix - Sugar Solubility Troubles

I’ve been experimenting with homemade drink mix for rides and have run into the following conundrum: I can’t get all the sugar to dissolve in the water.

For reference, I’m adding 80-120g table sugar to ~750mL water and will frequently have sugar not in solution unless I heat the water up. I’m confused as to why this is happening because from the solubility tables I’ve found, table sugar has a solubility of 200g/ 100mL at 25c. There’s an obvious discrepancy here, probably in my working definition of “dissolved” vs the scientific one, but I’d love tips if you’ve got them!

Is this where using multiple kinds of carbs comes into play as the solution only has X molar concentration of each sugar instead of 2X or 3X of sucrose?

Use fine sugar or syrup. Shaking and time dissolve the sugar.


heres my recipe. it has worked very well for me: LINK

using maple syrup is also great. tastes good too imo.

I just used hot water like you found works. Fill bottle about halfway with hot water, it should dissolve fine. If it is for the next morning just put in the fridge as is fill with ice or cold water before riding. If it is for a ride right then, just fill the rest of the way with ice by the time I need some its cooled off enough.

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