Discrepancy between two workouts Abraham vs Ibapah [Resolved ✅]

I found discrepancy between two workout rating.

Abraham is three 4-minute intervals at 105% FTP. The recoveries between intervals are 4 minutes long.

VO2 Max 4.2

Ibapah is four 4-minute intervals at 105% FTP. The recoveries between intervals are 4 minutes long.

Threshold 2.6

Difference between these two is one interval more on Ibapah and first interval is 100% FTP instead 90% on Abraham.

How can harder workout be Threshold 2.6?

P.S. I sent this also to support.

Hey! I can provide some clarity.

When comparing Abraham and Ibapah, it’s important to keep in mind that a Threshold 2.6 workout and a VO2max 4.2 are not comparable. Meaning, comparing levels *across different zones when trying to understand the difficulty of a workout won’t be super fruitful.

As another example, comparing a ‘hard’ level Endurance workout will feel much different than a ‘hard’ Sweet Spot workout, so making comparisons of ‘hard’ across zones isn’t a great way to measure difficulty.

Let me know if you have more questions about this! I’ve dropped a note to the support team about your inquiry as well. We’re here to help!

so If I were to complete Ibapah, should that not automatically upgrade my vo2max level to at least 4.2 because I doing the same 105% and for 4minutes longer.

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Exactly what I was thinking too. These should kind of give mutually (secondary) progression scores.

But so far this secondary progression system never seemed logical to me (decaying too fast or too much and not progressing neighbor zones enough). So all hopes on WLv2 :man_shrugging:

My progression level on vo2max stayed at 2.8, no change after completing Ibapah.

Thanks for bringing this up and sorry I didn’t catch this before! Abraham should not be classified as a VO2max workout, so we’ve fixed Abraham to be appropriately displayed in the Threshold category.

The reason you’re not getting secondary VO2max credit (for both Ibapah and Abraham) is due to those intervals not getting into the VO2max power zone.
Let me know if you have any follow up questions about this!

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How about Tionail, should this also be removed from VO2 category?

Thanks for catching that one! I sifted through most other VO2Max workouts to double-check if this is a widespread issue, but couldn’t find any other examples at the moment.

Tionail is now updated as a Threshold workout! Cheers.

Marking this thread as ‘Resolved :white_check_mark:’ now that we’ve got the aforementioned workouts correctly categorized, but feel free to bring up any other examples as they arise so we can look into it!

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Don’t you TrainerRoad Team (TRT) have filter or search engine to filter workouts to validate parameters of workouts?

For this particular case, just filter Vo2 workouts and order them descending order by max power. Voilà, first on list would be these workouts with max power 104% / 105%. As defined on Understanding Power Zones page Vo2 max workout should focus on 106% - 120% FTP then those 104/105 should fall out of that category as they don’t reach that level ever.

How sure you TRT are about other workouts target to realization, would there be many mismatch workouts.

That’s right!
We should have all of those workouts that don’t fall into VO2 max appropriately categorized now. If you catch any more, let us know. :thumbsup: