Disastrous Christmas anyone?

I’m planning a Disaster on Christmas day.
I will have mild Covid symptoms ,so I can avoid any invitations to Christmas celebrations, if asked.
I’m wondering whether to set up a group session so people who would like to, can join in.
But expect I would get very few takers, if any!
The plan will be to get up late, have a massive breakfast, then start at 1pm.
I don’t even now if I can complete it without a break, but will at least try :thinking:


I won’t do it on Christmas but maybe the week after. If I stick to my next base / build plan I’ll have a recovery week starting 28 Dec. I could squeeze in Disaster toward the beginning of the week to still have 5+ days of solid recovery, depending on how I feel coming off of the preceding block.

That sounds like a terrible idea :grin:

Will you be in the middle of a plan at that point?

I’m “getting COVID” the week of Thanksgiving to take the full week off and take my Rona-pay. And that’s when I’m planning my Disaster! :+1:

I don’t think I can do it again Christmas week, that’ll definitely be suspicious…

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Ha ha another like-minded TR addict!
Hope it goes well!

Probably, but I also did a century on day 2 of my previous rest week. Worked out just fine. Just have to pay attention to how I’m feeling.

@Lydiagould my money is on YOU.

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Had to look this one up…almost puked just looking at it. :slight_smile: However, I was kinda of eyeing my first indoor century on New Years.

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:rofl: Could be quite a challenge! An indoor century sounds good, much better than going out in the cold and wet

:smile: Yes, will definitely make sure I have fresh legs for this one. And
some entertainment in the form of a bike race , in my case.

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Yes, was going to be doing short power build, to get me up to the cyclo X national championships, but I 'm not sure these will be taking place now, with the current situation here. :mask: :mask: :mask: