Discussion: The Rift 2024

Just got into the Rift 2024 and all the questions are begining! Which bike, which tires, nutrition, etc.

Main thing I’m wrestling with now: Do i go “drop bar MTB” or fat tire Gravel bike?

Anyone else going?

(@mcneese.chad let me know if i should merge this into the other Rift discussions?)

One topic per big event each year follows the current trend.
So this looks like the right start in line with prior years of the event. :+1:


You should definitely review the threads from previous years…there is a lot of good discussion and equipment tips.

It sounds like this year was a rougher year in terms of course conditions than previous years. More washboards due to dryer conditions, etc.

When I did it in 2021, I used a Cervelo Aspero with Goodyear Connector Ultimate tires, 40mm. I didn’t need or want anything else (well, expect for the washboard sections, where I did consider knocking down the guys riding with me on Laufs and taking their bikes. :crazy_face:)

Make sure you have a dry shoes and socks at the bag drop…there is only one water crossing after that and it is relatively close to the finish. A dry kit would also be a good idea, depending on weather conditions that day.

I loved the race and especially the country as a whole. Iceland is stunningly gorgeous…don’t miss the scenery by focusing too much on the race!!


Thanks @power13! I’ve read them all, but thought others might be looking for '24 info. Thanks for the info on your rig. I’m looking at doing it on a gravel bike with 40s, but I might rig up an old super light Moots YBB 29er with drop bars.

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I think that could be a great option, assuming you can achieve a good position on it. I did forget to mention that I used a USE Suspension seatpost, as well. So the YBB would provide a similar amount of compliance.

If I were to do it today, I would probably use 42’s…but in 2021, 40’s were still considered on the wide end of the spectrum. :crazy_face:

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I did the 100km this year and have signed up for the 200km for 2024. I took my Seigla with Rambler 40s; wish I’d had 45s. I don’t think a drop bar MTB is necessary (and didn’t see many). And if you’re doing the 200km, if the course is the same, I believe there are stretches of pavement from 80-110 where you’d wish you had a gravel bike.

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Thanks for this. I am doing the 200, and didn’t know about those longer pavement stretches.

If the route doesn’t change much from '22 there’s a 7ish mile stretch and then another shorter stretch or two. So all things told really not that much. Having said that I did average almost 21mph in the 7mi stretch (but is is a net downhill. -0.8% or so)so that might be rough pushing the pace on a MTB when you’re 80 miles in.

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I am also in for the 200km in '24. has anyone use a suspension stem such as the ShockStop stem? A lot of good reviews but I am still a bit skeptical.