Dirty Kanza 2020 Lottery

Well, I’m in again!

I’m sure the TR team will be frightened that people like me do this if they glance at my account. After working up to the 100 from a couch-sitting non-cyclist I’ve lined up for the 200 three times, and finished once. If you want to know what riding 207 miles in 21 hours is like for a ±215 watt FTP Type 1 Diabetic finishing DFL, just ask. I’ve had plenty of time to see what happens out there.

Tip #1: Most of the flats occur when people bomb downhill into the washes between rollers. That’s where the sharp rocks gather. If you’re going to be light & float anywhere, let it be there. Standard road bottle cages will eject bottles at those spots. If you see bottles lining the sides of the road, lighten up & watch your lines to save your tires.

Tip #2: If there’s any mud, the majority of mechanicals will come from the pointy end near the start. People amped up in a paceline will barrel into the mud, try to pedal through it, and end up littered roadside with broken derailleurs. Watch the low-lying areas when you first leave town. Being broken by mile 5 sucks.


That gets nothing but respect from me…keep plugging away!!! Hope you get your second finish this year.

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Blockquote If you want to know what riding 207 miles in 21 hours is like for a ±215 watt FTP Type 1 Diabetic finishing DFL, just ask.

You, sir, are a “hoss.” respect


Hope you get in so you can defer. But respect prioritizing family over a race.

I’m glad I got in but not the end of the world if I hadn’t.

Hope you have a bike. :joy:

Just got in on my first try. Never won anything in my life.
Thought I would apply and defer this year, ride Golden Gran Fondo.
About one second after I got the email it was “Oh, hell, I’m going NOW.”
Feels a little like winning a ticket to a free boat ride on D-Day . . . but . . . oh, hell, I’m going NOW.


Chapeau. You get to say "Yeah, but try it without glucose. . . "

Congrats on getting in. Go for it!

It’s a roller coaster managing the glucose. I’ve definitely had to not intake calories for a couple of hours out there fighting to get my blood glucose down.

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Fortunate to get a winning ticket. Third trip to Emporia, Kansas and looking forward to testing myself again.


If somebody is looking for a room to stay during DK, here is the correct link to the dorms: https://secure.touchnet.com/C20725_ustores/web/classic/store_main.jsp?STOREID=17 (the link in the DK email yesterday is invalid). Rooms go fast, reserve now! All hotels are probably booked already.

I had booked a hotel room yesterday. Closest I could find was Topeka which is like an hour away. Reserved a room in the dorm. Much closer and easier. Doubt I’ll be in the mood to drive an hour after the event.

I was waffling between a 2 and 4 room dorm. Seems the 2 room is sold out already. Back to the drawing board.

First timer question: Being 1h away from location, what is your plan for the weekend? At what time would you need to leave on race day?

I’m planning on being there between 4:30 and 5:00 for a 7am start on the 100. Of course, seeing the parking issue may change this plan. So figure 3:30 or so to leave Topeka.

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@Nate_Pearson I have been in the same boat many times. I have an annual cycling trip that got scheduled on my daughter’s birthday. Her choice for her birthday? Going to Six Flags with me. Easy choice.

Oh, and she’s turning 14 this year.

I’ve also been the chaperone for my son three times. The only one I missed was where my wife was the teacher on the trip, and she couldn’t in good conscious have me be a chaperone as well.

The dorms are interesting… walking down the hallways & lobby is a gallery of interesting people & bikes. When you climb up the last hill and ride right past your room on the way to the finish line it’ll be tempting for a second to just turn right and ride straight into bed.

sorry. I wasn’t clear. I booked a room in topeka yesterday. But cancelled it today after I booked a room in the dorms. If I was in topeka I’m not sure what I would do regarding what time to leave and where to park. I did the hire support crew through registration so I’d need to know when I’d need to drop my stuff off. given the DK 200 starts at 6am I wouldn’t want to get there any later than 5am. More like 4:30

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I’ve had long gravel races where you have 2 loops and you go right by your car. Especially after you’ve already ridden like 50 miles in the heat, it’s tempting just to stop at the car and be done.

@BikeTampa you will drop off your bags with the crew for hire the day before the race. No worry about that on race day.

The dorms are within a few blocks of the start and finish line. That’s Kansas blocks, not New York City blocks, so it really is close. You don’t have to drive in by car on race day. You can show up at the start line 30 minutes before the start, no problem.

For those that have to use their car on race day: I had a hotel room last year and drove in by car 45 minutes before the start. I had no problem finding a parking spot one block away from the start/finish area.

thanks. that’s helpful. now just to sort out what to put in those bags among other things. I come from a triathlon background so the last few years of doing more and more gravel events it’s nice not having to setup a transition area. Just showup with your bike and go. Of course, with DK 200 still the stress of making sure you don’t forget anything.

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