Dirty Kanza 2020 Lottery

You are a great Dad. I missed too much of my kids early years for work travel. I regret it now. Hope you get “in” as a chaperone!

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Bummer, but I totally get it…I was gunning for redemption after last year, but my youngest daughter graduates form middle school that weekend, so redemption will have to wait until 2021.

Family first…there are always more bike races!

And another reason I’m not having kids… :wink:

No offense meant on this one btw …


This Toto is not going to Kansas this year:

…it’s not easy when things don’t go your way. Believe it or not, we get that. Unfortunately, your name was not selected for the 2020 Garmin Dirty Kanza.

I wonder how they make this decision (i.e., if it’s truly “random” or not).

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It’s not random per say. Every pro and up and coming racer gets an entry. After that, yeah, the common folk are in a lottery.

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Lottery isn’t always “random” per say. For a lot of ultra running races, like Western States, the more times you enter the lottery consecutively, the more entries you get. I don’t remember the exact breakdown but essentially older = more entries. I believe they also partition to a degree by age group/gender so random becomes slightly less random. Not sure if Kanza is the same or if it’s literally everyone in a hat.

Not in

Dadding done right, respect!!


Much respect. Family before gears. We can always have another race.

Should I have received an email either way by now? I just checked and I have a confirmation email that I did put my name in the lottery.

Even if I can’t go this year, I think I can pay and defer to next year so I’m :100: in.

Check your spam/junk mail folder maybe?

Not in there either, weird.

Lol! I figured anyone crazy enough to sign up for either DK or Epic 150 is sadistic enough it doesn’t matter. :laughing:

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I have so much respect for that sentiment. My girls are 14 & 16 and you don’t get second chances at opportunities like that. Be the best father you can be!

They’re having all sorts of issues it seems. You can register as a group/team via the lottery and you either all get in or not. Teams are having all but one or vice versa happening. Emails not going out.

Yikes, that sucks. Is this another issue on par with the Leadville mess we had last week?
(same parent organization, IIRC?)

In my group I got the slot but other two guys didn’t. Still waiting to hear from the fourth team member. We checked and at least all three of us used the exact same group name.
Also there’s some info on their Facebook page.

I know… I really want to this year but I already have ironman Chattanooga 70.3 like 1 or 2 weeks before. That’s gonna be a hard recovery that faster and harder sell to the wide with 2 travel races that close

Dk 2021…I’m postponing my entry so I’ll be in

I’m in. No one else in North Florida seems to be, so far. Luckily, I know a couple people from farther out who are also going. I have two weeks in Belgium in April with about 400 miles of riding…now just going to treat it like a training camp!

Which is worse? Cobbles or Kanza?

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