Dirty Kanza 2020 Lottery



We registered two teams of 3 for DK100. Both in.

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Anyone have an extra bed/room???!!!

Just got the email, nope.

Not my year. Sigh.

Not in

Congratz to everyone getting in.
Now to try to figure out how to get a room.

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IN! :metal:. Congrats everyone!

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For those who didn’t get in, join me @ the epic 150. First time for me, but a team mate tells me it’s arguably as hard as DK. (more climbing)

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I didn’t get in. This is so disappointing!
Next year it is!

And the forum anxiously awaits to hear @Nate_Pearson 's fate…


Holy crap I made it in. I’ve never rode real gravel before lol. Time to get ready. Although I may push to 2021


There is no year like this year!

Not even Instagram knows yet!!

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You need to work on your sales pitch! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Made it in! Found my email in my spam folder. Cheers and Good Luck!


@Brennus you are going to be my spirit animal when I go to that dark place

In! :raised_hands:t4:

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Friends that rode the Epic 150 last year said it was brutally tough. I’m signed up for the 90 miles at the Epic 150. Best of luck!

No email yet for me.

The bad news is I have a scheduling conflict now :frowning:. It’s my daughter’s third grade 3 day camping trip that weekend. It’s like a rite of passage at her school and she’s wanted me to be a chaperon for 4 years. It’s a big deal in our family.

There will always be more DKs but not another one of these in her entire life…so if they choose me to be a chaperon I’m going to do the camping trip. If that’s the case I’ll do DK in 2021 after Cape Epic.