Dirty Kanza 2020 Lottery

@Nate_Pearson ate and all here’s a new vid by Dylan Johnson about his experience


Here’s the kanza plan.
Day before, pre ride the beginning of the course and learn where the first hill is… the group will split here. Make sure you are with the group you want to be with before you get to this point
Race day…the year I did it we had 3 checkpoints… 50 miles apart
First 50 miles, get in you group and do not get in the wind. There plenty of people who don’t know how to pace that are more than willing to pull
Second 50. Leave rest area and find small groups to work with, bridge up to others as needed.
Third 50 be super smart with the wind. Know when the course is going to turn into it an make sure you have riders to work with when it does.
Last 50. What ever, if you can find someone going you speed, ride with them, else just ride, everyone is cooked at this point.

Also, based on the podcast, you seem to think it’s super tech. The course I did(2014) wasnt any big deal. Yeah, some fast dh with cattle grates at the bottom, but really nothing that requires much skill. People have done well on road bikes with 33 tire in the race, so…

Also have the Checkpoint dialed…you’ll roll into town and there will be thousands of crews. Make sure yours stands out…get a flag or something visible from a distance.

In the same boat with you. In the lottery and scared to death! What a great feeling!!!


Good luck! Hope to see you there!

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@Nate_Pearson Aero bars FTW!!

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And thus begins the day of mad refreshing.

Good luck everyone!


I hope they don’t make us wait all day! :joy:


I wore out the batteries in my mouse already this morning with the constant click/refresh !

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I keep checking this thread to see if anyone else has heard! Glad I’m not the only one

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IIRC, last year the announcements didn’t come out until the afternoon…but I’m not 100% positive.

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They came out in the afternoon in my timezone… But I’m fairly certain it was the day before

So has anyone received an email yet? Is it true they only send emails to those who get in?

Nothing here yet for me, I keep cycling back and forth between the comments on their facebook and instagram posts from last night and don’t see anyone else with any news either.

I figure once the floodgates open we’ll know soon enough.

I’m not even CLOSE to the US (although very close to bedtime!) and even I’m checking the thread anxiously to see when the big news will be announced. :rofl: Crossing my fingers for you all!

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I believe they will be clear about both groups of riders (and non-riders) and email all registrants.

I’ve got some teammates that said they got emails late in the day last year. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this in 2020, put my name in the lottery last minute, now I’m on the edge of my seat waiting…

Facebook page just said that emails went/are going out!

I am in!!!


Congrats! No such luck for me, looks like I’ll be doing some different things that weekend. Counting down till next year! :sweat_smile:

Just got the email, I’m in! @Nate_Pearson I hope to see you in Emporia!