Dry eyes because of powerful fans

Do you guys happen to sometes get dry eyes aswell when running your fan full speed blowing in your face?

If so what can be done about it?

  • wear glasses inside
  • lower the fan and get less cooling

Both seem less than ideal.

I had exactly the same thoughts yesterday when I repositioned my fan.

I think the all round best solution is to have the fan pointed at your torso. Not only is this cooling a larger surface area of your body, but it doesn’t irritate your face. You may also be able to move around on the bike to move your face in/out of the air stream from time to time for further cooling


Yeah, don’t aim it at your face. I have mine aimed at legs/body which cools so well I’m actually shivering sometimes during the warmups!


I get your point but unlike most of the tr users i’m using a axial fan not a radial fan which is much harder to point at a specific area unless i move it up really close.

I’ve done this, the dry eyes also made me sleepy during workouts.
I lowered the fan but didn’t feel like I was getting less cooling and the sleepy feeling went away and made the workouts better actually.

I’ll play with fan positioning when I can get a more directional fan; for now, I’ve been wearing my usual road-riding glasses indoors. Ya do what ya gotta do. :smile:

I wear sunglasses. I like the fan blasting on my torso and face, but I wear contacts. I also almost never drip sweat on the bike/floor, so I think it’s worth it.

I have two conventional fans (Axial). Both about 2 ft to 2f 6" away and pointed at my body. I don’t get them in my eyes at all. One is at face height and the other around 2’ high pointed slightly upwards.

In fact the closer they are the more effective they seem to be. Just an idea.

I wear contact lenses and when the fan is on my face they get dried out. I direct the fan into my body roughly neck down. I will end up cooling the top of my head from time to time by looking down at the bottom bracket area. That helps the head cool periodically while keeping the wind off my eyes.

Dry eyes plague me in daily life. I have a terrible time even in my vehicle with the defrost on. Pointing the fan toward the torso only helps me a tiny bit.
I’ve often resorted to just puting my cycling glasses on and doing an indoor workout looking like a dork. Thankfully, my wife and kids don’t bother me during rides. If my wife came in there’d be pics making fun of me all over the interwebs.

i have the big fan pointed at my torso but can’t breath if its blowing directly in my face so I have a smaller fan to keep air moving around my head so it doesn’t get too hot.

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I’ve got news for you. Everyone riding a trainer looks like a dork. :grin:

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