How to setup training room to maximize airflow?

I have a square room with a good sized window to can open. It’s very cold outside, how do I best arrange my bike and fan for best cooling?
I currently have trainer in front of window but facing away from window and nice Laski fan in middle of room in front of me blowing at me but also toward window. I open the window well before I start my workout but don’t feel it gets that cold. (Canada so it’s freezing or below out)

I don’t think I get mad cooling because the fan essentially faces the window with me in between

Any HVAC specialists can help me out? What is optimal setup for cooling?

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How about a box fan in the window?

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I’m guessing if you place the lasko fan facing you with its back to the window, it’ll push more colder air your way.

(window) >> (fan) >>>>>> (you)

Good luck, fellow Canadian. DId you buy the fan locally or did you get it through amazon

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I would place the bike as you have facing away from the window i would then elevate the fan on a table, tall box or something else so that it is facing you and blowing directly at you . the cooler air would fall down to the floor as it is more dense air once it comes through the open window. Hot air rises so the air movement naturally would flow from bottom of the window across the floor and circle around the negative pressure behind the fan and the hotter air would rise in the room and naturally ventilate out through the upper portion of the open window in a circular fashion. you want to somehow cause a lower pressure inside the room so the more dense are outside will naturally be drawn into the room.

If best cooling is your goal, I’d simply put everything on the other side of the window; bike, fan, trainer and all. :+1:


Amazon, wasn’t try cheap but worth it!

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Get a separate cheap mini fan you can put in window. Doesn’t need to move much air, will cool room in a hurry. Consider one of those cheap wireless remote plugs so you can turn on and off to modulate temp.

I’m considering one, i tend to run real hot during workouts even with 2 fans on me.

Before you go ordering one on amazon, there’s an equivalent fan available at Lowes that’s cheaper than anything I’ve found available to order online from Canada

An open window may not result in much airflow by itself. Especially into a room with no other exterior windows.

I’d probably put a fan in the window blowing air out of the room. You could face the fan either direction and blowing in would cool better but you’d be pressurizing that room relative to rest of the house and you would humidify the house (and possible make the other rooms smell like sweat). Also the cooling would be more tempered air vs getting blasted with below freezing air.

The ideal case is if it’s an old house with double hung windows. Then you could stick a two prop window fan in the bottom and have the top open as a relief path (just make sure to shut it when you’re done).

my next question is, how loud?

i was eyeing this guy as well:

It’s very quiet. Quieter (and more effective) than the large orbital floor fan from Canadian Tire that I also use alongside it. The best way that I can describe it is that the fan and its motor are quieter than the “woosh” of the air itself moving.

I can’t speak to that other style, but I would imagine that it would be harder to position since it doesn’t have the pivoting stand.

Thanks i’ll look into it! I’m increasing my time on the trainer considerably this year so it’s worth it to invest