Different normalized power between head unit and trainerroad for outside ride

Yesterday I did Merced-1 as an outside ride on my Wahoo Roam and when I got back I noticed that my NP and my TSS were different between the two as well as elevation gain. Not a huge concern but wondering if it’s a glitch or something else.
Here is the link to my ride: https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/stickmandj/rides/83531495-merced-1-outside-workout

and a screen capture from the Wahoo app after the ride:


Do you pause at all during your ride (with an auto pause or otherwise?). I think the TR analysis treats pauses as 0s or something like that (if so, probably correctly) and at least with Garmin’s, paused time isn’t included in calculations.

Sorry for just a guess and my lack of Wahoo experience.

Now I see you have a short pause time already show. (<2 minutes) but the TR calculation looks slightly higher which feels wrong to me with my guess… maybe still somehow related? :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the idea. I thought the same thing that if Trainerroad was calculating with the paused time included but that should have resulted in a lower NP, IF and TSS if I look at it correctly.