Did the plans change?

The beta android app has the update.

I am 3 weeks into the old SSBLV1 and still hovering at 0.81 intensity and its pretty rough. third time doing base so can at least use past experience to power through. pretty sure most people will find the very first workout really really tough

That one is tough for me to answer right now as we are working on accurately addressing those situations as we speak. :slight_smile:

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The failure rate data on that workout shows that it is statistically easier than an average 60 minute Sweet Spot workout. It’s another great example of our perception tricking us, hehe.

Thanks Jonathan - glad to hear this situation is on your radar. I can imagine that you have lots of use cases to work through on a feature that touches pretty much everything, and I understand it will take a while to get to some of them.

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I’m a bit gutted, have been psyching myself up for SSBHVI for months, this week is the start of week 2.

SSBHVI and SSBHV2, compared to the now ‘legacy’ plans for me at least, are a substantial drop in TSS and IF.

E.g. this week in the legacy plan I had SST workouts in the 6.2-6.5 range. Now they are at ~5.1. Weekly TSS is about 100 less. I had Tallac +2 tomorrow, which is now in week 5. Antelope +2 today, but now Ericsson +2 which is just a substantially easier workout.

I was so keen to push myself as far as I could, and was really in the right mindset but it’s greatly reduced the TSS and IF a bit, I’m wondering if I should up the intensity a bit or reconfigure the workouts with a +1 variant or so. I cannot see what my levels are so cannot compare, I assume they’re there just hidden.

All first world problems of course, and consistency is key :slight_smile: bring on AT so I can say “too easy” at the end and see what it does!

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How do i update my plan to show the new workouts without deleting and restarting? :slight_smile:

The idea of base isn’t to smash yourself day in and day out. My guess is the new changes to SSBHV will make the compliance better and will have an increase in freshness at the end allowing you to get more from build.

TSS isn’t everything and IF certainly isn’t a measure to base your workout effectiveness on. As you said you’re in the AT beta and will be able to get adaptations which I’m guessing is the point of the lower progression starting points of the plans


Please tell me this is all a bad dream and the old plans will be re-instated?

I’ve been using TR for nearly 2 years progressing from LV to MV+ with a steady increase in fitness, failed workouts are few and far between.

I’m just finishing SSB 2, looking forward to build but the new plans look like a huge step backwards? Are the old plans archived somewhere?

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As far as I know the new plans have a more reasonable progression week to week. Since they also are showing workout levels if you really feel you can handle something more intense you could always pick from the library of thousands of workouts for a harder work out in the energy system you were trying to train in.
I don’t think the old plans were archived, I think after years of people going through the plans they finally made plans that people would not get burnt out on. I almost think you could just stick with mid volume since you were doing a low volume/mid volume mix.

So the new plans have less intensity overall after they were tweaked by some of the ML algorithms?

I wouldn’t say they’re less than tense they still have intensity it’s just a better progressive overload than what they had before. @Jonathan Answered a lot of these questions in the new thread that was started.

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im in adaptive training. updated plan builder. got this as my first workout. previous level was a 2.0 in ss. :man_shrugging:

did it though.


Did you to an FTP test or manually adjust FTP recently?

That may have dropped your PL a bit or a lot, and could now be much lower than your actual abilities (especially so considering your completion of the workout above).

ramp test 7 days ago. up to 282 from 279. i havent done much sweet spot in a long time. so not surprised to see a 2.0 on my current level. 12 weeks ssb. 8 weeks build. now doing another 4 week build before specialty.

i was just shocked to see so many “easier” workouts throughout my new plan from previous plans when i updated it this morning and then to have this super challenging workout as my first one when i updated plan builder.

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Interesting…having bought a couple of Frank’s plans last weekend in the sale I was a little surprised that most of the intervals were on the shorter side and with longer rest periods than TR. Fits with your comment though, and maybe that completing a slightly easier workout is much better than failing a slightly tougher one…'.

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@IvyAudrain - quick question for you on these plans and AT…

If I only want to do 2 sessions per week from a plan and simply delete the other 3-4 from my calendar each week and sub in my own outside rides etc, will AT still adapt the remaining workouts each week? I quite like some of the progressions in the new speciality plans but being a masters athlete with 15-20hrs per week to train most weeks, none of the plans come close to how I train. Can I still get the benefit from the AT ‘brain’ building a plan like this?

Good question! So the current Adaptive Training beta includes full support for structured TrainerRoad Outside Workouts completed on Garmin head units. Adding support for ALL non-TrainerRoad workouts (including outside rides and races + Wahoo units) is a major priority for the future, but not in place yet.