Aero Camp/tunnel testing

Listening to this weeks podcast and hearing Nate say how he trying to find every aero advantage he can I’m surprised I’ve never heard the subject of “Aero Camp” brought up.

Heath Dotson and Brain Stover run this once or twice a year out of the A2 wind tunnel in NC. I know there was a short interview done on Slowtwitch awhile back. The camp is set up for triathletes and TTers to get a better cda, find what helmet works best, clothing, etc. Heath was on another time trial podcast and was also part of the Defeet aero sock testing that was in the Tour this year.

I feel like this could/would be a really cool interview for @Nate_Pearson and the guys to have on the podcast. Seems like it could be a really cool deep drive and wouldn’t have any intentional/not intentional bias because of working for a specific company. Anything I’ve heard before has been on the shorter side and I’d love to get more info. I know I’m interested and I’m sure a lot of us TT/tri guys would be too.


Thanks! We did this before at ero sports in LA in the velodrome. There’s a whole podcast about it and we got our CdAs.

I’m adopting a new position this year and I’d like to try going to another wind tunnel again soon! I’ll keep A2 on the list.

He was on Cycling Time Trial podcast a few weeks ago, and I think he would be cool to hear a bit more about testing and the stuff he has found with positioning/helmets/clothing. Plus when you guys have done interviews they have been really good.