Diamox for altitude sickness

Has anyone used the rx Diamox to mitigate altitude sickness? I have a race at altitude (10,000’) and I am from sea level. Some studies suggest that Advil has the same effect as Diamox. I do not plan to use Diamox or any presciped drug. Just wondering what alternatives there are.

I have used Diamox a handful of times while skiing at altitude. I have never had altitude sickness, but have witnessed a few people who have. Due to this, I get a prescription before I head out skiing. For me, I use it as a preventative and I’ve been told (don’t know if true) that it helps you acclimate to high altitude quicker. Don’t plan on drinking anything with carbonation, as Diamox makes it taste terrible.

If you are looking to prevent headache (one of the symptoms of AMS), Advil may work for you.

If you want to improve acclimatization to be better able to ride your bike, there is no substitute for getting to altitude a week or more before your race.