Di2 issue..need help

So my di2 has been cutting in and out. Now it only works if its plug into the charger.

Since it will shift while being plugged in. am I safe to assume its a battery issue and not a wiring or firm issue

You can try plugging it into a computer running their PC management tool. I believe there is a troubleshooter in there.

I dont have a home pc…err

Without the PC connection, or the wifi option, I suspect you are in “guessing land”. I’m a total noob to Di2, but suspect you will need to head to a shop with the right diagnostic tools.

Short of that, some Google-Fu might be your only option. Use very specific wording to your problem and see if you find any hits that help.

Thank you sir. I do have etube and wifi though

OK, then see what trouble shooter options that provides. Maybe there is a tutorial you can follow?

Does the battery charge drop rapidly? Can you tell what the battery charge level is when it is not connected to the charger?
(Press and hold any shift button for ~0.5 sec and it’ll show LEDs on the junction)
The battery charge level should not drop over a few days (of not riding the bike…).

Either way… you could have it checked out at the bike shop. The SM-PCE1 will do diagnostics and error checking and the newer SM-PCE02 can also run battery consumption diagnostics.

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I’ll check that out for sure. But found a local shop that can scan it for me:)