Issue with Di2 charge brick SM-BCR2

Hi all,

My Di2 charge brick (SM-BCR2) does not light up at all when I plug it into the charge port on my bike. I have a feeling the charge brick has been broken for some time because my shifting dies this morning in the middle of a trainer session, despite having been plugged into the charge brick a couple nights before.

The funny thing is, I was able to run the e-tube software a couple nights ago with the bike connected to my PC via the charge brick. I’m wondering if anyone has any way to tell if the charge brick is borked or if I need to hunt around in my bike to see if there’s a loose connection.


Have you tried a different USB cable? And a different adapter block?
The adapter should provide 1A or higher…

Generally speaking, if there is no light at all then it’s either:

  • fully charged
  • not charging at all :smiley:
  • cannot find a battery to charge

Since you say your bike was shifting fine that seems to suggest everything is connected. Still, it’d be worth a shot checking whether or not things are still connected.

The easiest way is to connect the bike to a windows computer. This will then list all components it thinks are connected. If there’s anything missing then you’ll know what’s up ;-).

If you’re using E-Tube Project 4.0.3 you’ll have to look at the components displayed in the update/upgrade screen (not the maintenance screen).
If you’re using E-Tube Project 3.4.5 it will list the connected components right after doing the ‘connection check’.