Shimano SM-PCE02 Diagnostic Kit

Anyone own one? Looking to purchase as one of my bikes has developed a rapid battery drain if not used and I gather this tool has individual battery discharge component check function.

Installed the Di2 (DA) on my Foil last year and has been faultless, left the bike stand during the winter and this issue has occurred, I ended up with another Di2 bike so figured the tool would be a worthwhile investment (I tinker with friends bikes also)

A little bit of trial and error will allow you to isolate and identify the culprit without spending money - just unplug one item at a time and see if that eliminates the drain. You can perhaps speed things up slightly by unplugging the junction A first - then you will know whether it is in the front half of the bike (2 shifters and junction A) or the back half (2 derailleurs and battery).

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Yes, seems logical, the junction access would require the removal of the BB (pressfit) though.

Was your bike stored in a cold garage maybe? Batteries drain much, much faster in colder temperatures.

No, stood next to me all winter in the cave whilst I sweated my balls off on TR😀

If I actually use the bike its fine, charge it and use it regularly and battery stays on green for a couple of weeks, its only if I leave it stood still that I have the issue, ive even disconnected the battery and come back 2 weeks later and still charged, so its a component issue. (I think)

haha ok.
sounds indeed like a component issue. Me personally, I would probably buy the diagnostic kit… who doesn’t love more opportunity for tinkering?! Especially when you already made the investment in two Di2 bikes. :money_with_wings:

Agree - BB removal should be avoided if possible.

I am assuming the A junction is more accessible than the B junction? So just unplug (at the A junction) the cable leading back to the B junction to work out whether the drain is coming from the front or back of the bike.

Derailleurs can be unplugged externally. So unless it is the battery or B junction (B junction is “dumb”, so less likely) you should be able to work through most of it without removing the BB.

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I have one but haven’t used it to diagnose any issues. Most common culprits of battery drain are accidentally bumping the shifter when the bike is leaned to the derailleur is pushing to shift constantly. Having the limit screws too tight so the RD shifts right to it and keeps pushing instead of relaxing. The other one I’ve seen is having the wireless adapter that let’s you connect the system to a Bolt or Garmin head unit. Sometimes it can get stuck in pairing mode and drains the battery…not shutting off after the bike sits still.

I’m sure there could be a component problem as well but that wouldn’t be as common as these other issues.

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