Device compatibility for Amazon Fire HD Tablet

Complete newbie to indoor bike training. I just got a wahoo kickr 2018. Does anyone know if the current crop of Amazon Fire Tablets (Fire HD 8, Fire HD 8 Plus, Fire HD 10) are compatible with both TrainerRoad and the Wahoo Fitness Workout Tracker apps? This is of course after sideloading the Google Store apk.

Thank you for you help

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Not according to the existing support article:

But you can email for a more current comment.

I run TR on an Amazon Fire 10 tablet. You need to sideload the Google App store (does not come pre-loaded on Fire Tablet—easy to do with a google search) and you can then download and install TR app on tablet.


This is what I did as well. I have had a few times where the app has frozen but I was able to pick up where I left off. Not ideal but doable and cheaper than the iPad I don’t currently own.


Interesting. I tried this with a Fire 8 HD and it didn’t work. Maybe the 10 can run it better. Good to know!

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I previously had a Fire 8 HD and had luck with TR on there as well. I do think 10 may run it a bit better though—10 seems more responsive (quicker).

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TR works on my son’s Amazon Fire Kids edition from 2017… pretty sure my microwave would run it.

Seriously though if you get Google play side loaded onto your fire tablet you would be good to go.

Not sure what the barriers are for trainerroad to release the app officially on the Amazon app marketplace?

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Thanks for the answer regarding the TrainerRoad app.

Does anyone know if the Wahoo Fitness app also works on the newest Amazon Fire tablets, though?

I did the same as already mentioned - sideloaded Google Play Store and loaded TrainerRoad through that. It has worked without a hitch on my Fire 10.

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I don’t know for sure but I wouldn’t expect an issue. I have used apps from Elite, tacx, stages and favero without problems.

Ant+ or bluetooth?

Ant+. This requires an Ant+ chip and a cord that connects to the chip on one end and the tablet on the other end.

Cheers, I have just set up my Fire 7 and it seems to have detected everything ok.

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Whoa this is good to know! Passing this info along to the team so we can do some more testing and update that support article!

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