Amazon fire 8 ant+

Could anyone confirm if they have had trainerroad useing ant+ via a dongle running on a amazon fire 8 tablet?
I’m aware you have to sideload TR onto the tablet but am looking for confirmation that the tablet will support ant+ via a dongle/USB port?

Can confirm. I used the Fire 8 with ant+ via dongle/usb for quite a while with minimal issues. I’ve moved to a Fire 10 for running TR, but the 8 should work for you.

Let me know if you have any other related questions on this!


Spot on @agbatten, thank you, I was looking at one on the amazon prime day but have consequently missed it, I’ll hold out til black friday now and hopefully the tablets are back in the sales

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do both the 8 and 10 have usb port for the dongle?