Chromebooks work on TrainerRoad?

Do higher end Chromebooks work on TrainerRoad? In market for one to use more traveling while I leave my Windows PC at home.

TrainerRoad is not supported on the Chromebook’s operating system (OS). We don’t currently have plans to build an application that will work with the Chromebook OS.

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I am using Trainerroad on my Android cell phone. With a 5€ USB OTG adapter you can plug your normal USB Ant+ stick into your phone (check otg capabilities first). Works fine for my Linux/Android only household.

Are you saying Android is the exact same thing as Chromebook OS?

My intention was more to give you another option for a small devices that lets you run Trainerroad.

Some time ago Google announced that you can install Android Apps on Chromebooks ( ) but I don’t own a Chromebook and can not confirm that this works.


Thanks for pointing this out @adiesner. Very useful.
I use a chromebook at work (as well as a laptop) and I find the CB so easy to use that I tote it around most of the time.

The answer is “maybe”. Google Play is available on many but not all Chromebooks to install Android apps. The question is will TR run and how well will it play with native BT or ANT+ or dongles.

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Has anyone tried ??

So far it doesnt work, with chromeOS 74. The biggest issue so far is that ant+ isnt available to the android apps, if at all.
I have read elsewhere that bluetooth can work with some little tricks or whatnot, but i havent gone down that road.
Every chome release, has more usb features for crostini, so hoping one of these days it fixes this issue. But doesnt seem like its coming anytime soon.


Chrome OS (e.g. Chromebook, Chromebox) is not the same as Android OS (e.g. phone, tablet).

The confusing thing to a lot of people is that 1) both are Google products and 2) many Chrome OS machines can access the Google Play store and can install certain apps, so it seems logical to assume that the OSs are compatible/interchangeable.

The Google Play Store seems to do a pretty good job of notifying you if an app will not work on Chrome OS. Either it won’t appear in a search for the app, or if you attempt to install the app, it will say “not compatible with your device”. I’ve even attempted sideloading some apps that were identified as incompatible, and they didn’t work.

I’d imagine there’s not an Ant+ driver one needs to install like on a PC?

I have heard some working on better Chromebooks on the higher end ones. Only connect Bluetooth, not ant + maybe someday with software updates. From what I’ve read is sometimes difficult to get Bluetooth connection and maybe the app might crash on you.

TrainerRoad on Chromebook does work. Hopefully this gets better overtime!!!

For light weight tech guy I don’t need heavy computer stuff to live me daily life, from anything like Android phone to chromeOS, Iphone or Ipad works great.

Are you just using the device’s Bluetooth? No dongle?

Don’t you need a special Unobtainium-coated BT dongle for TR to be happy? Or is that only on Win10?

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Lmao. That seems like more of a Windows issue than anything. I don’t use any dongles on Android or iOS. The same looks to be true in the above image too, I just wanted to clarify.

Yes using the Bluetooth that’s is built into the device. Ant+ USB stick didn’t work. Had no connection problems setting it up though it worked fine.

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I’m gonna give this a go on my Pixelbook then!

I’m aware that iOS and Android devices connect just fine with built-in BT. I think the Model R578Yr3-45.a BT dongle obligation comes from the unpredictability of BT drivers on Win10, and TR support just giving up getting 300 different configs to work.

I use no dongles at all on my Chromebook