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I am one of the developers of the open source SmartSpin2k device, which allows you to turn any spin bike with a resistance knob into a Smart Trainer. We want to ensure compatibility with TrainerRoad both on exposing data (power, cadence, heartrate) and receiving control data (incline). None of the developers personally use TrainerRoad.

Can our project get a test account which we can use to ensure our device can work with your software?


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I suggest that you email for a more commercial use that you describe.

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That is a really cool project!

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I agree, love the heavy flywheel spin bikes, paired with pedal power meter they’re a great experience. If something could adjust the resistance automatically I’d be all over it.

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We will let you know when we confirm that SS2K works with TrainerRoad. Also, it helps to know what spin bike you use to ensure compatibility with that as well.

In my case it’s an Tomahawk I’ve had for over 10 years. It has the traditional resistance knob with the pads on the flywheel.


Does it expose data over bluetooth, or do you have power pedals? One other concern is how much torque is required to turn the resistance knob.

I use Assioma pedals for power and cadence. Thinking about it, it would be possible for the spin bike manufacturers to relocate the friction pads to the power part of the front of the frame and incorporate some kind of automatic adjuster to squeeze the pads. I’m sure that ship has sailed in favor of the new “smart bikes”, but I’ll say riding an actual spin bike is more enjoyable then my own bike on a smart trainer.

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Definitely better when you have multiple riders of different sizes!

This is all covered by standard Bluetooth protocols. You just need to advertise the right Bluetooth service and transmit data in the right format.

If you’re starting from scratch in this field it takes a bunch of reading (and programming trial and error) to figure out all the protocols. But they’re standard, so one you figure it out, your device will work with any software like TrainerRoad.

Eg here’s a description of the FTMS service.

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Thanks! We already support FTMS Indoor Bike Data and Control, Heartrate Monitor Service, and Cycle Power Service. We have users running SmartSpin2K on Zwift and FulGaz. We have seen Kinomap and RGT work. TrainerRoad almost works, but control is not happening correctly.

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