Desktop app: Bluetooth and ANT+ discrepancies

I’ve just been playing around with the new desktop app (nice work by the way!) and experimenting with Bluetooth and ANT+ connections. I’m using Favero Assioma Duos and a Hammer (H1) with powermatch and auto-correct enabled.

When I calibrate (zero offset) the Assiomas using Bluetooth, the reading is -1; with ANT+ it is zero. Which is correct? Does such a minor discrepancy matter? I’ve always calibrated them using the TR andriod app (ANT+) and/or my Garmin 820 (ANT+), and they’ve always calibrated as zero.

Also, the battery level on the Assiomas reads 100% with Bluetooth but 75% with ANT+. I know the batteries were at 100% as I’d just fully charged them. But, again, why the discrepancy? Not a game changer, just curious to know. BTW, the TR android app (ANT+) always shows the battery levels as 75% - even when they’re fully charged.

Just as an experiment, try calibration via the android app using Bluetooth…what do you get with that…?

Using the TR android app and connecting with Bluetooth, the zero offset reads -1 and the battery levels as 94% - even though, again, I’ve just fully charged them.

That’s exactly what I expected. I’ve seen the same issue with three different power meters. Somehow trainerroad’s Bluetooth calibration seems to throw back odd offset numbers.

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Think I’ll stick with ANT+. At least the calibration readings are consistent across desktop, Android and Garmin.

Seems a good plan… :+1:

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Just received this reply from TR support:

"The calibration readings being so close really does not make a difference. The most important thing is that the calibration is successful :slight_smile: So you don’t have to worry about the -1 compared to zero. Also, whether you calibrate via TrainerRoad or your Garmin, they’ll both get the same job done!

"In regards to the battery discrepancy, this is actually pretty normal behavior. It comes down to how the data is sent to TrainerRoad from the devices. For example, I believe ANT+ sends battery information in buckets of 25%. Whereas Bluetooth may be sending in smaller buckets or exact readings.

“This means that if you’re Assiomas were at 99% charge, they would most likely display as 75% over ANT+ since its the next “bucket”. Since we don’t manipulate the battery data that is sent from the device, we’re left displaying it as it comes in.”

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The odd thing is there is no reason given as to why the offset is different. You have been given a good reason for the battery power reading difference but not the offset one…?

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So i have the same situation. But i also record on my garmin 935 in ant+ and in iPhone Bluetooth for TrainerRoad. Ant+ is recording 10-15 watts lower for average and normalized power. Crank lengths, ftp are identical settings. Cadence outcome is identical as well. Why the discrepancy? Which is correct?

@AndrewL Have you contacted TR support about this?