Zero offset : ANT+ vs Bluetooth discrepancies


I currently have a Specialized Power Metter (4iii) left crank arm. I usually connect via Bluetooth however while doing some experiments I connected the power meter to both Bluetooth and ANT+ and realized I am getting different zero offset values on Bluetooth (-1) vs ANT+ (10)

Is that normal and did anyone else noticed that? -1 to 10 seems like a huge difference.

Should I connect the powermeter only via a single protocol (ant+ OR bluetooth)?

Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s normal. In reality the 4iii sends a pass code (10) or fail code (20 etc), neither is an actual offset value. So the ANT+ Report you get is correct. Where the Bluetooth figure comes from is a mystery however trainerroad advises me this is still ok…?

I would only use one channel though to connect the meter, in case a duplicated signal causes issues…

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