TR Windows App Not Zeroing Assiomas

I recently got Assioma Duo powermeters and have enjoyed riding with them, but recently it takes me 10 minutes to get the TR app on my windows laptop to do the zero offset callibration.

To workout I start my trainer and wake up the power meters. Once I see them both connected to TR I hit the manual zero button in TR and just wait. After 2 minutes I’ll try different things like disconnecting the power meters and reconnecting them, sometimes it lets me zero it from the app after that, other times it doesn’t. If disconnecting and reconnecting doesn’t work I’ll close the TR app and do the zero offset in my phone with the Assioma app, that works nearly instantly. I’ll then disconnect the Assioma app and turn TR back on and try to do the offset in the TR app, again there is no guarantee if it will work. My past 2 workouts or so I’ve wasted 10 minutes at the start trying to get the zero to work. It seems like this is a new issue within the last 2 patches, but maybe it is something else.

My laptop is right next to my bike as shown in the below image so there should be no issue with connecting.

Has anyone else had issues getting the TR app to zero their Assioma or other power meters recently?

Does anyone have any other tips or tricks I should try?

Does zeroing the pedals before I train in the Assioma app do the same as in the TR app and could I just zero it there as a work around to wasting time?

I always follow the same process, which i reckon is overkill.
Turn on garmin
do a few revolutions with the pedals to wake them up
Calibrate on the garmin
Calibrate on the TR app

From what i understand, the calibration is held on the pedals, not the “receiver” so if you were to calibrate on any other mean (head unit, assioma app, etc.), you should be fine.

  • Yes, you can perform the Zero Offset with any connected device. The settings are stored in the pedals, so it will give appropriate power data to any device reading it after that ZO.
  • Yes, it is overkill. You only need to perform the Zero Offset once.
  • Correct.