Derek Teel (Dialed Health) Suffers Extensive Injuries After Being Struck By Driver in Hit & Run

@Jonathan posted a few details on Instagram a short while ago. Please pray for Derek, his family, and the doctors, and support him if you can.


Incredibly sobering news, especially given his tremendous positive influence on our sport. This sounds awful based on his mother’s IG post. It’s gonna be a long road, but it seems like Derek has shown great determination when faced with a challenge.

If you have ever benefitted from his advice on IG, his podcast, or the TR podcast, consider donating.

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I know nothing is meant by it, but I wouldn’t say “Involved in Cycling Accident”. He was seriously injured by a driver who chose to speed and flee the scene of the accident.


tragic, love and prayers to him and his family.

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Yeah, I bristle a bit at these headlines at times. “Hit by driver while cycling” seems more accurate to the raw facts since this really isn’t a “cycling accident” in my eyes. Likely not a real issue here considering the audience, but I have seen much worse in other outlets that border on victim blaming by proxy.


100% agreed, especially in this case of the driver fleeing. That immediately turns this from an accident, or even an incident in which the cyclist was at fault, because those do happen, and into something malicious and criminal. In my non-legal opinion anyway.


Absolutely terrible news. Praying for him and his family - I can’t imagine what it’s like for them.

Jonathan reposted an update from Derek’s wife, Lish.


Really things that you would never want to read and that actually happen, often, too often. Support for Derek and his family. With love.

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Hopefully they find the driver and beat the schitt out of them bring them to justice.

Healing vibes for Derek and strength to his family.



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Please law enforcement…find the driver.

Get well Derek. I know you’ll be back.


Updated from Derek’s wife: Alicia Teel on Instagram: "Update 🤍 God is covering him so good. Your prayers mean everything"

Another post on Instagram with donation link: Robert on Instagram: "Unfortunately yesterday @dialedhealth was hit by a car while riding in the Lincoln/Roseville area. He's suffered a broken femur, shattered pelvis, collapsed lung, torn colon, and other less severe injuries. The car is believed to be a silver sedan most likely an Acura TSX or Honda Accord that has a missing mirror on the passenger side. They hit him and just left him laying there. This is just gut wrenching to hear. As you all know Derek is an outstanding person, husband, and father of three. @mtb_norcal setup a donation on thier website to help his wife and young children. All procedes go to his family. They are doing it this way so there aren't any fees associated with your donation. Go to Click SHOP and donate. They will also be putting together a group ride. Follow them for more information. Please share to get the word out. I'd love to see our community bring justice to Derek and his family as well as some support whether it be financial, or in thoughts and prayers. Get well soon Derek. Although he's headed into some more surgeries today, we all know he's a fighter. Let's do whatever we can to support him and his family through this."


Ugh. Just ugh

Not to derail this, it back in the 90s the LA Sheriffs used to sponsor a pro team. The safest I ever felt riding was out with them in there LA sheriffs cycling jerseys. Cars used to give them a wide berth


I’m not a DH user but I always admired Derek on his podcast- his positive attitude, work ethic, and perspective on life really shines through. Wishing him and his family all the best, and just donated to the cause.


Terrible news but I am happy to hear he is stable and the prognosis is trending towards good.

But this sucks. To keep hearing news that either someone in my immediate cycling circle or someone I follow got struck by a car while riding is jarring.

I love road cycling: but news like this chips away my desire to go on the road. It makes you wonder if or when you’re next…


Horrible news. Best thoughts and prayers to Derek and his family.

In my non-legal opinion, as soon as a driver flees the scene of the collision, the incident should be investigated and prosecuted as a serious and deliberate assault.

I hope Derek makes a full and speedy recovery.


Leaving the scene should make it 2nd degree murder imo. You chose in the moment to leave someone who could be seriously injured or near death.

The crazy thing about this one is I messaged on IG with Derek for the first time ever just the day before this. As others have said, he was beyond friendly and it’s hitting me harder bc of that. Glad it’s not riding season here in Canada because I’m not sure I would be quick to get back out on the road.