Upgrade to Wahoo

I’m going to upgrade from a Kurt K rock and roll to the new wahoo kickr. I only want to use it for TrainerRoad as I’m not into the other platforms….I also my bike operates a 10 speed cassette as it is older. Opinions on this device with TR appreciated. Thanks

I have a 2018 Kickr Core and love it. I also have a 10-speed. Use the spacer and you’re all set.

Love my Kickr Core too. It works just fine with a 10 speed cassette (I’ve used it with both a 10 speed and with 11).

With the Core, it comes bare and you supply the cassette. It installs exactly the same as it would on a wheel. The Kickr 5 comes with a cassette included but for you that does not mean much as its an 11 speed. So, whether you get a Core or Kickr 5, you’ll need to come up with a 10 speed cassette

FWIW I’ve also used a 12speed Eagle cassette on my Kikr Core. It’s great machine—highly recommended.

I am using the Kickr with my 10+ years old road bike with a 10 speed cassette. Couldn’t be happier. One issue I had was cadence dropping out. But once I switched to Bluetooth from Ant+ and got an extension for my Bluetooth usb I have had absolutely no problems.

kickr is awesome