Derailleur alignment and Kickr Core

I have seen a few posts where the Kickr Core has moved the derailleur inboard slightly when tightening the QR, impacting drivetrain noise.

This got me thinking as I can see the same happening on my bike with the Kickr, causing some noise.

Any thoughts on alignment in these photos? Two different bikes (shimano mech and sram etap), photos with wheel on and when on the turbo.

Are you already performing a basic barrel adjustment (or equivalent electronic version) as needed when swapping from wheel to trainer?

Are you getting poor shifting quality (any parts of the cassette in particular) or just more noise?

Just more noise, no issue shifting using either bike.

I’ve made some fine adjustments but can’t seem to hit the sweet spot.

To me in all photos the derailleurs look out of alignment, particularly Shimano with Kickr

Honestly, if noise is the only issue and shifting is fine, I don’t think there is anything to chase here. It’s hard to tell from the pics, because of the angle and typical parallax effect, if things are off enough to matter. From my look at them, none of them are “perfect” and square.

As long as you have good shifting along the full range of the cassette, with no ghost shifting or delays, I think you are fine. We will always hear more noise when inside, considering that we have more surfaces around to bounce the sound as compared to outside.

If you are directly comparing that shifting in the same physical space between a work stand with the wheel, and the trainer, then it is a more appropriate comparison. That could mean there is a slight hanger alignment issue, but without any actual shifting quality issue, I don’t know if it’s worth more effort.

Appreciated and thanks for the advice. I’ll run with it like this for a bit longer and see how it goes.

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