Delta G ketone ester self testing

Does anyone have any experience with Delta G ketone esters? I always get excited to test new things on myself and see new products with the potential to improve performance, but ketone esters are certainly a big gray box. I was listening to @brendanhousler and his experience. Just got my first two bottles to test. He was saying we might only need a half a bottle or so to start seeing benefits, but am curious about others experience and protocols before I use my servings. They’re certainly cost prohibitive so I want to nail my n=1 test protocol before I start.

Planning on the following ~2hr ride to test subjective feeling for first bottle:

45 minute ride at 65% followed by 2x20 @ 92%, and 2x60” all out sprints 5 min recovery.

After each interval: “how did you feel at the start, middle, finish, and ready for next interval?” On a scale of 1-10. 1 being no, 10 being “I don’t need to rest”

NO ESTER: 75g carb/hr
10g ESTER: 15 min before with a sip of carb drink mix, continue 75g carb/hr
15g Ester

Second bottle: 75 minute ish workout. More intense repeatability
15 minute @ 65%
2x30 second sprints w/ 5 min recovery.
5 minutes @ 105%, 10 min recovery.
12x40/20’s all out

No Ester, 10g Ester, 15g Ester.

What do y’all think? By putting the hard work at the end that should elicit the purported sustainable energy ketones advertise. Subjective survey will illuminate my n=1 experience.

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