Deleting Wahoo Elemnt Roam v2 routes from head unit or Elemnt app routes

I can’t delete a route from the Wahoo Roam v2 head unit or the Wahoo Elemnt app. I use pinned routes from Ride With GPS. It is frustrating, and Wahoo has been of no help at all. Before you ask, my head unit reveals more than 7 GB of memory. YouTube videos are not helpful, and neither is Reddit. So, do any “TrainerRoadiagans” have a remedy for me?

I believe you have to delete the routes from RWGPS (99% sure I’ve read this somewhere, but I’ll try to find a link). Once you do that and the ROAM re-syncs, the routes will be removed. Outside of that, I’m not aware of another way.

If that’s not an option, you may be out of luck.

Edit to add link from Wahoo support page, good luck!

If it’s a pinned route in rwgps, you should just have to unpin it in rwgps then resync the headunit. I’ve pulled down multi-segment rides for events before with pins, then unpinned them after the event and I don’t see them anymore. But if it’s a route you created, or copied/cloned, yes, I think you have to delete it completely in rwgps.

You have to delete the route from rwgps. Same for Strava.

It’s a bit annoying, but how many routes have you planned and do you really need them after doing them once?

Edit: This thread got me thinking and I found a better solution: Under Routes on the Wahoo, put Sort to Starred, then only the starred routes actually show up from Strava, and for rwgps it will only pick up the Pinned routes.

TY, it worked. Wahoo! Oh, I mean Yahoo! Or, both.

Thank you and it worked.

Yup, and this worked too. TY