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like an idiot i deleted my history from strava now every time i try re connect nothing happens for the past. ive attached garmin but its only done outdoor rides can anyone please help as 99% of my last 6months has been on Zwift. ive used activityfix to change my Strava rides hoping that would help but hasn’t fetch anything over.

Are the indoor rides in trainer road ? If so you could go to ‘Career’ > ‘Past History’ and download them one by one, for upload to Strava. That will be quite laborious though, support may be able to get you a batch file to speed that up. If the indoor rides aren’t now in TR either, support may be able to look back and restore them from a date that was (I’m not sure what amount of backup’s they keep though).

If that fails you’ll have to reach out to Strava/ Swift supports and hope they keep back up files.
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thank you. i think if strava reconnect at weekend doesnt work i will get my zwift fit files off my pc if they are there as i use apple tv so no idea where they actually go. then traineroad support as last resort if it ends up been a manual job i will cope without its not the end of the world.

Try contacting strava support

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You may be out of luck on this option, as i’m 95% certain that Apple TV doesn’t create fit files. There was a trick I read about once where you could backdoor iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) to get them, but that option doesn’t exist on ATV (nor does it send anything to your PC).

EDIT: If you do try this option and you find that ATV DOES create them, please feel free to pass any info along, as I’m sure it will help others as well!!!

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That’s still the case just logged into my zwift now on pc no files after the time I left for Apple tv. Hopefully a resync after the weekend is all it takes to get them back on trainer road I only want to see tss weekly which I can see else where but wanted it right…! No idea why i rest my history I was just clicking away :frowning:

You should be able to download the fit files from your activity feed on the Zwift website. Select ‘Just Me’ on the activity feed page, select the workout then the gear icon for the option to download the fit file. The Zwift history is limited to 250 activities.

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If you’ve a lot of activities and you’re an iOS user you could use RunGap to sync everything from Zwift to Strava in one hit, although I think you’d need to purchase their Swag Bag subscription to do this.

RunGap - Workout Data Manager for iOS

RunGap - Workout Data Manager on the App Store (