Deep section carbon wheels on a budget?

Awesome, thanks!

Finally pulled the trigger and ordered WR65 with DT Swiss 350 Hub (24H/28H combo), Sapim CX-Ray and brass nipples. Also asked for the satin finish and got them without holes so I can easily run 28mm GP 5000TL.

The wide = fast and stable was the resounding conclusion after looking through the web. Josh Poertner (guy of the 105 rule) kept mentioning on videos and podcasts that 28mm and even 30mm for the average rider are perfect and the 32mm wide rim of the WR65 fits that perfectly.


@mathieurrr, I assume you’re talking about Light Bicycle’s WR65 Falcon Pros? Please let us know how you like them. A couple of questions, if you don’t mind (so I can learn).

  • Why did you select the 350 hub over the 240/240EXP?
  • Why did you go with the brass nipples instead of the aluminum?
  • Please let us know how you like the satin finish (I’m leaning toward matte).
  • What weave did you choose (12K, 3K, or UD)?
  • What decal did you select?

If you could post pics once you receive them that would also be great. Thanks in advance!!

Happy to share all the details that I can and will certainly post some pictures when they do come in.

I actually got the Falcon (non-pro) but you can always email them and ask them for a Satin finish. Instead of building them up with the website tool I asked them directly for a quote of exactly what I wanted. I priced out the DT 350 hub and Hope RS4 hub. Prices for my version of those builds were $943 and 1059 USD. That includes 3% off on the rim and spokes for sharing a post on FB. I wanted the bling of the orange Hope RS4 but decided to stick with tried and true DT Swiss and save the .

I went with the DT Swiss 350 over 240 for pure value purposes. I’m not much of a weight weenie as I certainly have my own weight to shed first (I’m 5’9 180lbs) and so I didn’t care about paying for a lighter hub. I had heard that brass nipples where much stronger and I remember Peak Torque (a Youtuber) saying he would always go with brass.

I went with UD weave because I like the look of it the most and the “stealth” aka grey decal.

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I would highly recommend farsports.

I’m currently on the kaze 55mm tubeless, with dt350 36t hubs, and sapim cx-ray spokes and love them so far.

They sit perfectly flush with a 25mm gp 5000 tubeless.

I’ve only got about 300 outside miles on them but they feel great so far!

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Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Thanks for sharing. I’m looking at a very similar set of options (non-pro, UD, etc) and the info on the brass nipples really helps! Now I just have to convince the real boss. Thanks again!!

Describes my decision-making for my wheels exactly, too, also went with brass nipples for strength, 350 hubs since I weigh 77-79kg and don’t count grams, and rim bed without holes so make it super simple to run tubeless (no problems so far).

Love that fork :slight_smile:

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Anyone in the uk have any experience with Zed wheels? I know one person with a set who rates them but they don’t get a lot of coverage as far as I can see. Price wise they’re similar to hunts but ive had a few issues with my alloy set so looking elsewhere

I’m looking at the rim versions

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Still good with the kitchen impression? :wink:

I’m thinking of trying a set of the Winspace Lun 45mm road wheels. Not a fancy as the Hypers but I think will still get the job done. Anything will be an improvement over my Aksium OEM wheels. Hard to find just a review on the Luns though.

Lol I’m still very happy with them! Many days away from a true outdoor test, but the occasional free hub sound check keeps my spirits up.
Any particular reason why the Lun > Hyper?

Well hopefully the time flies by fast and you are outside before you know it. Shame the aren’t allowing outdoor activities.

Any the reason for looking at the Lun over the Hypers is basically price, plus the fact they use off the shelf spokes (pillar or sapim) vs a proprietary carbon spoke. So parts are easily sourced if ever needed.

Token wheels are great. You can often find them fairly cheap. I race them on the road and on the track.

Got my wheels in. Here are the pics. Something that the pics don’t do justice is the satin finish. Really like how the 28mm tires transition on the 32mm wide rims. Tires went on pretty easy, no tools or trickery needed (just some roughed up thumbs).


Very cool (and jealous)!

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Really, really nice! Congrats.
I’m looking to make the same purchase but I am a bit concerned with tyre clearance.
How is that? Could you post some pics of the critical points (chain stay / seat stay / fork).
Thanks x1000!

48 MPH gusts on my ride to work this morning, mostly a crosswind. Interesting when you are 145 pounds.

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It’s probably just me looking at it wrong, but have you got the raised tread different from front to back?
(The front looks like it starts thin and gets thicker. On the rear it starts widest and gets thinner). Apologies if I’ve misinterpreted!

You’re right! I’ll have to have a second look and make sure the arrows on the tires are pointing in the right direction.

Edit: Crap! my back tire is on backwards. Worst part is that’s the one that where I successfully lined up my logos.